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Tours in Samara beach

You can hear their musical sounds and see them. Nature trips on the ocean are also a relaxing way to view the sealife from offshore. It includes snorkeling. Duration: 3 hrs. Capacity: 4 to 10 people

Dolphin tour in Samara beach
Ostional tour, Samara beach
This Tour will take you in a minibus or ATV to Ostional, 36 km from Samara, visiting also Playa Pelada and Guiones (surfers beach). You will observe the turtles laying their eggs in this beach! This tour is organized three days a month during the whole year. Duration 5 to 6 hours.
And Snorkeling. It's posible to go to Isla Chora, a small island in from of Samara beach by kayac and enjoy the good snorkeling this place offer. Duration: 3 hrs. Minimum 2 people. Includes: equipment, water and fruits
Kayak tour in Samara beach
Diving in Samara
This tour takes you to the coral reefs in front of playa Samara or Carrillo. You'll discover another world beneath the level of the sea. Duration: 3 to 4 hours.
See the surroundings of Playa Samara, visiting many nearby beaches. Duration: Variable
Horse back riding in Samara


Samara Inn Hotel in Samara Beach Costa Rica. 2 blocks from the beach, 5 blocks from main street Samara, Costa Rica.
Samara is "One of the safest and prettiest beaches in Costa Rica..."
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